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Maras Pasta

A Note From The President


      One of the great pleasures of being at the helm of a privately held company is knowing that you can set a course and be allowed the time to see it unfold. Several years ago our company committed our energy and resources to the pursuit of variety specific White wheat. Our intent was to produce flour with superior and predictable baking properties. I am pleased to share that we have been rewarded for our patience, and we can now address several important niche opportunities in the Health and Wellness arena.  In recent years we deemphasized Identity Preserved Refined flour in favor of Identity Preserved MARAGRAIN.  This commitment to whole grain is consistent with our desire to provide healthy ingredients for the Natural Food consumer.  Our recent introduction of a line of pasta made from our signature MARAGRAIN is the culmination of these efforts.  The pasta line is a joint venture with Pasta USA, one of the leading pasta manufacturers in the country. Our initial target market is the consumer currently choosing to buy Whole Wheat pasta because of its superior nutrition. Early test market results of side-by-side comparison tastings indicate the MARAGRAIN product overwhelmingly preferred for taste, nutrition and energy savings. Even consumers who have never purchased a Whole Wheat pasta were glowing in their appraisal of the Mara’s pasta. It was especially well received by children due to its texture and flavor, and their parents are thrilled that the whole family can now eat the same nutritious entrée.

      We are very excited by the potential for the MARAGRAIN as a nutritious flour substitute for all baked products currently using refined flour. I have always found it strange that the milling industry refined all the nutrition out of its flour and then was directed to add an “enrichment” package to their finished flour. It is time that we reclaim the nutritional integrity of the products that our children love to eat: pizza, tortillas, hamburger & hot dog buns, bread & pasta. With your support we can achieve this, one household at a time.


                                                                     Brendan McEntee